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comment Unsubscribe safely
Seems that title is a quite simple: I thought it was about how to implement a secure unsubscribe link when I saw it in Hot Network Questions.
comment How do I verify that WhatsApp is using end-to-end encryption?
@Ulkoma What if I text it to myself? (i.e. other device of mine) There's a law against that? Can I just say I was just taking a note about your comment?
comment Identicon for SSL certificate
Does someone already suggested to be implemented in a browser, beside the one cited? Some browser, like Chrome, could show it when users click "Advanced" on a SSL error. Maybe also show a button to permanently trust the certificate ( like Mozilla do ) when it repeats after some time. Of course it needs to be disabled when HSTS is used.
comment when is it safe to click through an SSL warning message?
I don't know why browsers don't make that last point easier: even if there is free and trusted HTTPS using proxy servers (like CloudFlare) the proxy server itself is a point of failure. Making easier to check authenticity for unknown CAs and self-signed certs is a good alternative or not? Like showing a randomart when the users show that he "understand the risks".
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