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Web developer passionate about performance and security with a background in system administration.

PHP rant time :

  • The mysql library is DEPRECATED since long ago, has SECURITY FLAWS and POOR PERFORMANCE. Despite being in 2015, there are still so-called developers dumping here their crappy question about their horrible non-working piece of garbage they dare to call "code", so this mean language is absolutely necessary. If I see any mysql_ calls in your code I instantly give you a free downvote+close vote and I suggest you do the same if you come across similar horrors. Use mysqli, PDO or your framework's ORM instead.

  • PHP's built-in templating SUCKS. It's ugly and lacks many useful features like inheritance and built-in value escaping. If you're using this kind of templating, it's also likely you're not separating your views from your code which is equally bad - again, when I see such horror I instantly throw a downvote+close vote for unclear what you're asking because that kind of "code" HURTS MY EYES. Look into using a templating engine instead like Twig, Smarty or the one already provided with your framework.

  • Follow the MVC pattern wherever possible and use a framework like Laravel or Phalcon. They're actually easier to use than plain PHP so if you're just getting started you might as well learn to do things the correct way.

  • Check out PHP: The Right Way for a good and up-to-date reference about PHP best practices. Read it especially if you're a beginner instead of learning horrible stuff from outdated (or just plain bad) tutorials.

  • cURL SUCKS. It's ugly, unnecessarily verbose and doesn't even provide elementary methods like getting the value of a particular HTTP header (you have to roll your own response/header parser, a waste of time and money). Use a REST client library, like Guzzle or something else. Just stop wasting both your and our time with horrible cURL code.

  • Please use the new [] array syntax. Isn't $beautiful = ["beautiful", "code"]; better than $horror = array("MY", "EYES", "HURT"); ?

I'm currently thinking about moving away from an IT full-time job but I'm still available for work or internships if you can make me discover something different from web development.

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