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comment Won't all hashes collide after enough iterations (with a static salt)?
@OmerIqbal They're arbitrary numbers to illustrate a point. Even if they both become "common_thing" at some point in their iterations, they're (likely - I'm not even really an enthusiast, let alone an expert) not going to produce the same result unless it happened at the same iteration in both cases.
comment Why do banking websites always log you out after inactivity?
If you choose to stay logged in for 90 days, and your life savings get stolen, are you going to accept the fault and be okay with not getting any of that money back? Or are you going to - regardless of the fact it was your misinformed choice that caused the issue - expect your bank to resolve the issue, give your money back, and take the huge PR hit involved with an account being compromised?
comment what information can be accessed with just the bank account number?
@xkcd Mostly because rather than needing to determine your username, PIN and password they now just need to determine your PIN and password. Still difficult, certainly, but there's no real reason to make identifying any of those pieces of information necessary to access your account a trivial matter.
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