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Student currently enrolled in the Villanova School of Business, Class of 2016.

Anticipating majors in both Management Information Systems as well as Financial Accounting.

comment Mac OSX: What is the safest way to access an unknown USB storage?
If a friend gave me an SD card with some malware on it, we wouldn't be friends anymore.
comment pci compliance and temporary files
I would say yes - it seems to be a gray area, but many would regard this as a risk.
comment Could a malicious JS file pointed on URL/URI attack the browser/computer?
I think in the case of @Philipp's comment, it'd be an acceptable risk since, however possible, the likelihood of that occurring is extremely low.
comment How can my .exe become infected?
If you're worried about the executable becoming infected, you can post the hashes of your archives/executables in a secure location for users to compare to their downloaded copies. They'll know their copy hasn't been tampered with when the hashes match the reference ones.
comment How can my .exe become infected?
A point about Download.com - many users will try and avoid the Download.com listing of your software as CNet has recently begun shipping bloatware with the executable branded as a downloader.
comment How did my network admin identify my iPhone and how can I hide my ID?
To clarify: the network hostname is created based on the name the device is given in iTunes (non-exclusively - if the device is jailbroken, it can be changed from the command line). This is generally recorded by routers to put a human-readable name to an IP address, just as it does with pretty much any other device on the network.
comment How can I watch porn, safely, and not get a virus? (and not infect corporate data also)
Just gonna leave this here Workplace.SE
comment How can I get a fiddler-style trace of an iPhone / Android?
Fiddler offers this functionality by routing the device's traffic through its HTTP proxy.
comment Is this slowloris attack or not?
Without knowing more, I wouldn't say it's Slowloris in particular, or even an attack at all. At most it's an unsophisticated attack as the requests come too far apart to warrant that thought. However, having 20,000 of the same request appear in your log is alarming and itself and may be something you'd want to investigate further.
comment I login to Stackoverflow (vulnerable) with Google (not vulnerable). Do I need to change my password?
FYI: since the publication of your aforementioned document, StackOverflow has been fixed.