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comment Is there a short command to test if my server is secure against the shellshock bash bug?
I use mac os x, and it shows up as vulnerable -- but there is nothing I can do about it for the time being, right?
comment New payment option on Paypal “Enter your online banking ID + password”: Any mechanism that could make this safe?
Excuse me but your answer is just pure speculation!! "..running screen-scraping scripts.." "..pretty fragile.. risks breaking.." What?? Yes, it may be implemented this way, it probably isn't (considering how big PayPal is) but the fact is that you don't know and I don't know. So please don't just start making up things
comment How can you be caught using Private VPN when there's no logs about who you are?
The VPN service I use, privateinternetaccess.com/pages/privacy-policy, claims PrivateInternetAccess.com does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network ("VPN") or Proxy.
comment Is it legal to find bugs on a website and report them to the website's owner?
I completely agree @antony, I'm not a psychologist and yet I gave relationship advice to a friend the other day. So what? Why is anything even remotely touching a legal topic such a taboo on the internet?
comment Does disabling right click have any impact on security?
@Shadur: Well banking websites notoriously do stupid things.. It often happens that your password must be a "PIN" which must be 4 numbers, no letters, no longer and no shorter /shrug
comment Generating random passwords by clicking randomly on the keyboard?
@Thomas: well, taking what I said very literally you are right, but you know what I meant ;) Let's try like this: length increases password security much more than the security decrease caused by having the password easy to remember, meaning that long easy-to-remember passwords are more secure than short difficult-to-remember passwords
comment Generating random passwords by clicking randomly on the keyboard?
Actually, in practice computer generated passwords are more random than people smashing their keyboards as demonstrated by the study linked in Dinu Smădu's answer.. of course seeding the random generator with user input gives one of the best randomness possible, but at this point I think we are going a bit off topic since the answer doesn't ask this
comment Generating random passwords by clicking randomly on the keyboard?
This is not an answer per-se so I'll post as a comment, but I think you are doing it wrong. The difficulty of guessing a password increases much more rapidly with length than with randomness. The password "Passwords that are phrases are easy to remember, and very secure -- people should use them more" is infinitely harder to guess than "s1DRyYbCDgjXE" and much much easier to memorize. So don't focus on having random passwords, focus on having long passwords. The same goes with salts.
comment What are a few good lists of threats to use to kick-off conversations with others about what worries them?
To be fair this list seems quite subjective and arbitrary, and not very useful in practice. I (and you too) can come up with as many fancy names as we want to try to characterize the behavior of "agents" but what's the point?
comment Why do law-abiding citizens need strong security?
This is an aside but how do you know if you are doing something illegal? Without even counting treaties, city laws, county laws, state laws and tribal laws, the United States Code alone (ie, federal law) contains over 27,000 pages in 50 titles (of which 4 more have been proposed). The Congressional Research Service stated that it's unable to count the current number of federal crimes.