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20-year developer. Business owner. Buzzword compliant with C#, VB.Net, Perl, Php, ASP.NET, MVC, jQuery, WPF, WCF, WF, Linq, Linux, Bash, Agile, Design patterns, et. al. Passion for development of handheld apps.

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comment Any comments or advice on OWASP-2013 top 10 number A9
@tylerl Every three years, but your point is valid.
comment Why are salted hashes more secure?
Best, clearest, most complete explanation of hashes I've seen. I plan to shamelessly use it in classes I teach on security.
comment Can a CSRF CAPTCHA be defeated?
Thanks, @Bernie. I know many CAPTCHAs can be beat, but can it be beat during a CSRF attack and if so, how?
comment Can a CSRF CAPTCHA be defeated?
+1 for the answer and bonus Synchronizer token info. Nice. Unfortunately, Synchnronizer token is more beatable than a CAPTCHA. All the attacker has to do is automate all the steps along the way using JavaScript.