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answered Server situated on two physical networks - Bad idea or not
answered Four-factor authentication
comment Four-factor authentication
The time is not an authentication factor. It's still a security control, but it has nothing to do with authentication itself, as it doesn't provide evidence that something or someone is authentic.
answered Password verification scheme (used in eg. MS Office) - more secure than just a hash?
answered Why does malware periodically check google.com
answered Is it a security threat to have food or drink next to computers
comment What are lawful network interception tools?
@GriffinNowak Possession of malware by itself, for the mostpart, in jurisdictions I am aware of, is entirely legal. Consider a case where someone is infected by malware; the computer is their property and therefore they are in possession of malware. If simple possession was illegal, then they would be, which makes no sense. The interesting (and muddy) parts of law are the parts that separate incidental possession from possession with intent.
comment Difference between secured crypto-processor and cryptoprocessor
@Souvik Your clarification seems to include your answer right there. The latter uses encrypted buses. Though I don't think "secure cryptoprocessor" is a particularly standard term anyway.
answered What are lawful network interception tools?
comment Intermediate certificate not sent to clients?
This question would probably be more appropriate over at ServerFault. I've flagged for a moderator to take a look.
answered What is the difference between XSS and Cross Site Flashing?
answered Understanding Diffie-Hellman key exchange
answered I have a unlimited vpn and a 2GB isp. can i use my vpn without using the 2 gig limit on my ISP?
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revised How do I hash a password in C#?
Title, tags, cruft.
comment How do I hash a password in C#?
I agree with the advice in Angel's link. Salted PBKDF2 as implemented in the Rfc2898DeriveBytes class is pretty much industry standard.
comment ATA security erase on SSD
@cprcrack Those that adhere to the specification (which should be all high-street brand drives) are encrypted internally, yes.