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To search the outboard brain about "programming question x" in Chrome, here's what I do:

  1. Right click the search bar
  2. Click "Edit all search engines"
  3. Under "Other search engines," click "Add a new search engine," type "Stack Overflow"
  4. tab over to "Keyword", type "so"
  5. tab over to "URL", paste the following:

  6. tap enter and close the tab.

Now, test it out:

  1. open new tab
  2. type sospaceremove newlines from a register in vim?
  3. profit!

comment Under what circumstances can two computers receive packets at the same public IP address?
@Iszi - wow, IMHO that's inane, thanks for pointing that out. The "actual problems that you face" rule makes sense for virtually every stack exchange other than IT security - a field which is based on developing theoretical scenarios to prevent events that haven't happened yet. I should definitely have made this more answerable, but the idea that it should be summarily dismissed because it's hypothetical implies that this stackexchange should be renamed IT forensics, not IT security.