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Down voting policy for questions:

  • I only consider downvoting questions about mall-ware, spy-ware, and bots: I receive enough spam mail every day as it is, don't want to help proliferate that.
  • Will consider down-voting mallware related question no matter what the current score is. As far as I'm concerned they can't get low enough negative scores.

Down voting policy for answers:

  • I only consider downvoting answers that I believe are wrong. Corollary:
    • If I'm wrong, feel free the downlote and leave a message. I don't fight back. It'll help me fix the answer or delete it if it's not fixable. I've got the Disciplined badge, I have no problem deleting my own answer if you convince me it's wrong.
  • I never downvote without a comment: I might up-vote an "-1" comment and then down-vote the answer, or I might add my own comment including "-1" somewhere in the body. The community (and the poster of the answer) need to know why I think the answer's wrong!

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comment How is an ATM secure?
@MDMoore313, GPS signals are very weak and easy to block; That's why you need to mount your GPS navigator on the windshield of your car. Truck mounted units are mounted by a specialist and mounted so that they can get a signal. The fact that a specialist can find such a place doesn't mean you can get a signal anywhere within the truck. And I didn't say trucks, because those usually have light-weight sides made of fabric. Think of a white-van, the windowless kind. The kind used by delivery companies.
comment How is an ATM secure?
Get the ATM into the back of an all-metal van and no GPS (or GSM) signal will get through.
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answered What voip client support manual encryption?
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