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I studied information science and did computers from the old Commodore VC-20 onwards.

I started during study as pc-admin for DOS, Windows, WfW and all related software and hardware stuff.

Later I switched over to servers, starting with linux-samba and NT 3.5/4.0.

My first job made me a Solaris admin in a huge company with over 500 solaris servers. There I got every day a new interesting problem that I have never encountered before.

My next job brought me into project management and later back to system administration - mainly Linux. It was frustrating to manage a project when you knew that doing the admin`s job yourselv would have the current step finished in less than 30 minutes...

In system administration my first priority is IT-security. I try to make "my" systems as secure, as possible - but they have to be maintainable, too.

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