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comment wireshark does't show HTTP requests from other devices
Nice answer. One thing I'd add/change to the list of four options, given that, presumably, the OP is on a home router/switch/AP box that doesn't support the two middle options (and the fourth requires some experience), is possibly getting a cheap 4-port hub (not a switch!) and installing that between the existing wifi router/ap and the upstream network (e.g. DSL or cable modem). Plugging the sniffing computer into another port on said hub will do the trick.
comment When should I use the word hacker, cracker, or black hat?
+1. "miscreant" is also a nice word for the baddies. :-)
comment Is there an easy way to see a log of SCP activity on a server (ala /var/log/secure for ssh login)?
I know it uses SSH and I thought logs would also go to the same place, but it actually doesn't show up in /var/log/secure nor /var/log/messages. The only evidence of SCP is when I have SELinux and auditd running... in which case it gets logged in /var/log/audit/audit.log.