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comment Bring your own phone to a (new) job: Consequences?
@HagenvonEitzen Younger people probably keep more data and more private data on their device than older people.
comment Is there any point in using 'strong' passwords?
Yes, obviously my link is based on the current state of technology. That being said, as long as computers use some form of energy to run, there will be some arbitrary length of bits that will be impossible to brute force for any given technology, so there does/will exist some password(s) unbreakable through brute force.
comment Sniff HTTP(S) from PPTP VPN server
I am currently looking for a way to do the same thing; I'm curious to see what options there are.
comment Why does a spam sms contain a link to an email address?
@BazzPsychoNut He definitely didn't say it is not possible for some malware to suddenly appear, "drive by" viruses is the common name; you shouldn't visit the link regardless.
comment Is there any point in using 'strong' passwords?
@MikeS It's discussed here:…
comment Why do some passwords not allow certain types of characters?
I guess that depends if you consider the laziness/incompetence of the programmer 'programming related'...Then again, some older systems used only ALL CAPS, so maybe there is some reasoning after all.
comment What is the easiest way to search massive, leaked databases for persons and personal information?
@FixedPoint A basic example is that Google keeps track of everything users enter as a search, so if you search for your SSN, then, somewhere, it's inside a Google database as a search term.
comment Does disabling right click have any impact on security?
@ChrisKerekes Thanks for taking the time to link the article! I read through the whole thing and there wasn't anything in it about right-clicking and how that affects one's sense of security. Perhaps it was in some other article. Rather, with the information presented in what you linked, I'd argue that it implies people would perceive this as more risky as it is externally imposed, Rare, Intentional, Immediate, Affecting them personally, Entirely without redeeming features, Uncertain, and perhaps New and unfamiliar. Information taken from Table 1 in the link.
comment Does disabling right click have any impact on security?
@ChrisKerekes I've never heard this claim, I'm curious to know if there's some article or such you can site that talks about affecting the perceived security of the site from the general populace?
comment Best practice to block Dropbox usage
This doesn't really really sound like a solution to your problem of data leakage, because Dropbox is not the only way to transfer files. Once they can't use that, they'll email themselves, or FTP, etc. You need to make sure your users start following policy and enforce it.
comment Is snail mail or HTTPS webmail safer for sensitive information?
I'm not one of the folks who specifically tags and does all this stuff, so I'm not intimately knowledgeable about the precise processes, but we do use a courier when sending it to certain destinations (government facility), and snail mail for others (contractors). Or, perhaps this is based on the many classification levels of the material.
comment Are password reset links that don't expire a security risk?
@AustinDeVinney Solid logic, but what if an attacker gains access to an email account that I used to use previously, and no longer have registered with your service? Or really in any case where the link goes to more than one of my inboxes (forwarding, for example). In such cases, requesting a password reset wouldn't work, but the link would still be a vulnerability.
comment How secure are passwords made of whole english sentences
I'll sure be trying Ctrl+backspace on every Windows PC I see now!
comment Why would a virus writer bother to check to see if a machine is infected before infecting it?
For the first part of your post, it makes more sense to me that he was advertising this as a business reason to demonstrate that the infection count was accurate. As in, 10 infections means 10 computers, where it could be interpreted that there could instead be 10 infections but only 5 bots.