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comment Trying to get control of spam?
@user2813274 the concept is to use say for forums. As soon as you start to receive spam. You change your email to and either delete or automatically delete it with a filter emails to that address in a filter. I think what "+" your referring to is 4 gmail. It works similar.
comment Trying to get control of spam?
@user2813274 well i'm trying to explain context here. If one was using a cheapo pop email solution then i might be able to create/destroy email addresses on the fly which might make a "slight" difference but in the overall scheme of things your right won't make that much of a difference.
comment DNSSec (Comcast) vs DNSCurve (OpenDNS)
What your saying doesn't seem right for what i understand of DNSSec. I'm not saying i have a thorough understanding because i don't. How would trusting one party make DNSSec obsolete? How would it stop a man-in-the-middle attack? Someone could intercept your dns query and send back an attackers site rather than the correct site. DNSSec not only protects you from their DNS database being injected with invalid entries (which i think is what you are referring to).