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Schabse Laks

Developer, C# MVP (2010 - 2014)
Contact: SLaks@LaksFamily.com

Twitter: @Schabse

I've been programming since I was 12.
I started with VB6, then moved to C# 2 Beta 2 when I was 14. I never liked VB6, but I found my calling in C#, and I've stuck with it ever since.
Since then, I've also mastered web development with jQuery.
I also wrote a jQuery tutorial.

I'm now working at Google within the Google Docs team.

My best of SO:

Stack Overflow 420,952 rep 599811228
Meta Stack Exchange 6,360 rep 1749
Super User 6,048 rep 11749
Stack Apps 2,101 rep 52
Programmers 995 rep 614

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