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Top new questions this week:

ESTABLISHED TCP connections after opening browser in linux

I am using netstat -acp | grep ESTABLISHED command to check established connection between with my system. $ sudo netstat -acp | grep ESTABLISHED tcp 0 0 rg-Vostro-3546:51874 server-18-...

network linux web-browser  
user avatar asked by Coder Score of 6
user avatar answered by CBHacking Score of 22

Restrict VPN access to only authorised machines

Let's say the situation is this: I'm a big corporation with a whole bunch of GDPR compliance and other regulatory stuff which means I need to ensure that certain data doesn't leak (so basically most ...

network certificates vpn monitoring  
user avatar asked by Peter David Carter Score of 3
user avatar answered by schroeder Score of 5

Anonymous unasked bounty hunter wants bounty for found issues

A bounty hunter reached out to us to give us information about a security vulnerability in our company's information systems. In our estimation, the risk of exploitation for this vulnerability is ...

penetration-test anonymity bug-bounty  
user avatar asked by SirDeg Score of 2
user avatar answered by schroeder Score of 4

How to protect files in use on a system powered on from physical theft or tampering?

I'm in the process of figuring out an encryption strategy for a personal Linux system. My laptop is almost always on, or in sleep mode, except for longer travels. My main threats are theft of my ...

encryption linux disk-encryption file-encryption physical-access  
user avatar asked by CryptGuest Score of 1
user avatar answered by LSerni Score of 1

What keys are used to secure the Client's Certificate & Certificate Verify records in TLS 1.3 Mutual Authentication during Post Handshake Auth.?

Here is the TLS 1.3 handshake from Section 2 of RFC 8446: Client Server Key ^ ClientHello Exch | + key_share* | + signature_algorithms* | +...

user avatar asked by jester Score of 1

Is there a database that classifies NPM library vulnerabilities as exploitable vs. benign in the browser?

I maintain several Angular apps, which contain thousands of dependencies on NPM packages. GitHub's Dependabot notifies me of new known vulnerabilities every week (from the CVE database). For example, ...

cve node.js npm  
user avatar asked by Jonathan Fuerth Score of 1

XXE OOB File Content Extraction

Currently, I've discovered an OOB XXE that allows me to include a .dtd file to extract a particular system file content, for instance, /sys/power/disk. So my file.dtd is: <!ENTITY % data SYSTEM &...

exploit xml xxe  
user avatar asked by nicg Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I get the RSA bit length with the pubkey and openssl?

I have a public key generated with ssh-keygen and I'm just wondering how I get information on the keylength with openssl?

ssh openssl  
user avatar asked by Evan Carroll Score of 99

How to detect if files were saved or copied to a USB drive?

How can I find out if files from my computer were written/copied/moved to a USB storage device? I want to know if there is a solution that would work in a system that has not got any monitoring/...

windows forensics usb-drive  
user avatar asked by Saladin Score of 8
user avatar answered by Rory Alsop Score of 14

Phone Call from weird number

I just got a call from a very weird number. On my phone it displays as "+1 (1) (5 )" and "USA" below. I answered the call and there was 100% silence. Then about 2 seconds later the call ended. Next ...

phone iphone  
user avatar asked by KaareZ Score of 4

How to find out what programming language a website is built in?

I think that it's fundamental for security testers to gather information about how a web application works and eventually what language it's written in. I know that URL extensions, HTTP headers, ...

web-application tools reconnaissance information-gathering  
user avatar asked by storm Score of 125
user avatar answered by Benoit Esnard Score of 157

How can I explain SQL injection without technical jargon?

I need to explain SQL injection to someone without technical training or experience. Can you suggest any approaches that have worked well?

user avatar asked by torayeff Score of 566
user avatar answered by Polynomial Score of 944

Getting spam calls from numbers similar to my own

My phone number is 456-123-XXXX (American phone number + area code). Over the past few months I get fairly regular spam calls from other numbers also beginning with 456-123-XXXX, where the last four ...

spam phone fraud  
user avatar asked by thumbtackthief Score of 34
user avatar answered by GdD Score of 36

How to decrypt a microSD card after a factory reset of the device used to encrypt it?

Two month ago, I encrypted my Micro SD card in my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S5) for security purposes, and yesterday I forgot to decrypt it whilst removing the card I and factory resetting the ...

encryption android decryption data-recovery  
user avatar asked by Honey Score of 3
user avatar answered by Colbe Score of 5

Can you answer these questions?

What're the most common vulnerabilities/weaknesses an attacker would exploit to gain SSH access to a container?

Fair warning - I am a security newbie. In all container escape/breakout vulnerability scenarios I've read (CVE-2022-0185), the author assumes or states that the attacker already had shell or SSH ...

linux cve container kubernetes  
user avatar asked by Patrick Burke Score of 1

Why does the fingerprint of a GPG key change after it is made a sub key?

I recently consolidated some of my independently GPG keys. I used the following the command to edit the oldest key gpg --expert --edit-key <oldest-keygrip> gpg> add-key --keygrip=<another-...

gnupg pgp openpgp fingerprint  
user avatar asked by ksinkar Score of 1

Device sends ARP request instead of DHCP DISCOVER after being de-authenticated

I have a mobile hotspot that is acting as my access point. The access point operates on the 192.168.137.x subnet. I am currently testing the effects of a de-authentication attack on the access point, ...

network wifi dhcp arp deauth-attack  
user avatar asked by mkd Score of 1
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