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Stack Overflow endeavors to provide its users with an environment where they feel comfortable. As such, we do not condone harassment in our sites, and take harassment reports seriously.

What constitutes harassment?

Our Code of Conduct applies everywhere on our sites.

Systematic and/or continued behaviors that afflict or demean someone in a way that would make a reasonable person fear for their safety or the safety of those around them constitute harassment. Following a user or a group of users, online or offline, to the point where they start feeling that it is not safe to post online or are in fear of their safety is harassment.

Ok, I'm being harassed; what do I do?

Please use our contact form. Try to be as specific and clear as you can, and provide links to relevant posts, comments, chat messages, etc. We recommend that you also flag them in the meantime, if you want to make sure they are removed and/or handled faster — we'll still have a look even if a moderator has taken action before we get to your report.

What happens once I submit a report?

We look at every report individually, and you'll always get a reply back from us, regardless of the outcome. We will have a look at your message and the relevant posts/comments/messages it mentions, and try to gather as much context as possible. If we determine that the behaviors reported do indeed constitute harassment, we'll take action (which may range from warning to suspending the user).

Can you give me another user's information?

Per our Privacy Policy, we do not give out user information except as required by valid legal process. If you are working with the police or your lawyer, check with them about the appropriate and correct legal processes for obtaining such information. If we are contacted directly by law enforcement, we will work with them and assist them with their investigation.

Thanks to Twitter and Reddit, whose articles on harassment were helpful in creating some of the phrasing on this one.