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How to get private key used to decrypt HTTPS traffic sent and received from my own browser with wireshark

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How to get private key used to decrypt HTTPS traffic with wireshark

I am working with a website that sends API requests. I would like to write a client to make the requests myself, but in order to do so I would need to first see the request payloads. However, the connection is secured and therefore I can't see the data in wireshark just like that.

I found out that Wireshark supports SSL decryption:

However, it doesn't explain how the private key file should be obtained or generated, so I went and looked around and found this blog entry:

After finding the appropriate packets as shown in the images, I exported the certificate, but unlike the challenge they were doing, the connection established for me uses RSA-2048 and does not provide the factorization (I'm assuming real certificates do not provide that, only the ones for games and such).

Is it possible for me to decrypt HTTPS packets that are sent to 3rd party websites? How would I generate the key file required?