I made it work a job account protected by a certificate in a java spring application but is not that clear to me the minimal steps.(Could you believe that :) I need some theory.
Here my steps:

  • get the certificate of format pkcs12
  • install the certificate on my windows7 machine(Installed in trusted root)
  • checking existing entries of .p12 and their alias (keytool -list - keystore...)
  • Export the public key first (keytool -exportcert -keystore...)
  • Import it to cacerts (keytool -importcert -keystore...)
  • Then I received an error like my machine and the server didn't trust themselves
  • Access server, and retrieve certificate(java InstallCert ...)
  • In my application I set properties for pkcs12 file password and truestStore

What's the role of installing the certificate on my machine? Is it necessary.

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