I have just received an email with an unknown virus. I happily passed through my scanners. I have checked it's still unknown to all of 4 anti-viruses I have an access to.

I have already reported it to ClamAV and to Kaspersky but I when I tried to report it to other systems I quickly gave up. Some of them require registering, some require reporting as an encrypted email attachment. It's difficult to put a sample into over a dozen of antiviral systems.

Is there a single service for reporting virus samples?

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You have a hand full of of Virus checking online services:

  1. Virus total
  2. Herdprotect
  3. Meta scan
  4. Jotti's Malware scanner
  5. Threatexpert
  6. Uploadmalware
  7. Web of Trust

Most of them have connection with Security product vendors and may forward your samples upon request by the vendors.

Alternatively, you can directly email each vendor: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-report-malware-or-false-positives-multiple-antivirus-vendors.htm


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