When a company says:

"We don't track", and our application is on a third-party cloud platform.

Is it true to say, their users' data are still trackable. The company might not track at all, however their cloud provider might; and have the ability to do so if they wanted.

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    You have used 2 different phrases and seem to be equating them: "we do not track" and "not trackable" - it's all trackable, it just matters what the intent is. What you are looking for is a statement from the company saying what they do to make it possible that the cloud service provider may not track, either. – schroeder Oct 10 '15 at 19:07

This is not a direct answer to you question but :
The "company" says to you : "We don't track" AND the third-party says to the "company" :"We don't track".
You can trust both but never in "THEY don't track"

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