I am using a virtual private server in combination with SOCKS5 proxy, which in essence provides the same functionality as VPN.

When I connect and check my public IP, it shows the location of the server. However, when I do a traceroute to a website in cmd, it only goes through local connections in my country.

Is this ok? Is the traffic not supposed to be all routed through the VPS?


An application must be specifically support the use of a SOCKS proxy. Web browsers usually do, while most other applications usually do not. There are some ways to "socksify" other applications but details depend on the OS and maybe the application too.

Apart from that SOCKS5 supports only tunneling of TCP and UDP. traceroute and tracert often default to use of ICMP which can not be tunneled with SOCKS5.

  • I laughed quite a lot on the word socksify, hearing it for the first time :) Thanks for the info.. in that case, it makes sense.
    – Mike94
    Nov 17 '15 at 22:48

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