My laptop is in monitoring mode. I need to get the details of a client that makes probes and not include other bssid and their station.

I run sudo airodump-ng -w s3 --bssid 74:de:2b:45:ed:d4 mon0 The MAC is my wlan0, but it won't show any client IPs.

If run the command sudo airodump-ng -w s3 mon0 the s3.csv file shows the all IPs not associated to any of the AP. My requirement is to get the client that probes my mon0.

  • are you using two wifi cards? im pretty sure you cannot broadcast AND scan on one card?
    – TheHidden
    Mar 7, 2016 at 17:14

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You should start by setting up your WIFI card to monitor mode on the right channel (it will help airodump-ng find the packets):

airmon-ng start <interface> <AP channel>

After that, the command that you are using is indeed the correct one. I mean, you are using the AP MAC address, right? You can use the -a parameter, it will display only associated clients.

airodump-ng -c <AP channel> -a --bssid <AP MAC> -w <capture_file> <interface>

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