I have a Chromebook I routinely use for things like e-banking and other things where a security breach would be catastrophic. I've read it is a very secure OS by nature due to its small surface area for attacks. That said, are there any steps I should take to harden my Chromebook? Or is it as secure as it can be right out of the box?

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    Secure as far as there is no malware for Chrome OS until today if I am right. Encryption (PGP/GPG), safe browsing, antivirus + firewall, updating software and so one applies to any OS.
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For things like e-banking Chrome devices are secure by default. You don't need to do anything special. There is a good overview about the security here, and a hardening guide here. But you should be aware that your Google account is in fact a part of the system so you should protect the account by things like using a strong password and two factor authentication to maximize security.

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