I would like to test my edge-router firewall rules against some DNS amplification attack traffic. I could run some DNS lookup utility in an endless loop, but maybe there are some dedicated utilities which are popular among attackers and would give a more realistic attack traffic? For example tsunami seems to be one such utility. If I check the stable, main, contrib and non-free repositories for Debian 8, then I find nothing useful:

# apt-cache search amplification
primer3 - Tool to design flanking oligo nucleotides for DNA amplification
sineshaper - Monophonic synth plugin with two oscillators and waveshapers

What are the most popular DNS amplification attack tools for Windows and Linux? Or are those usually custom-made utilities and scripts?


As a matter of fact, official Debian repositories don't feature tools specifically designed to carry out amplification DDoS.

What's even more important, DNS amplification traffic itself isn't generated by any tool, that's just packets produced by innocent DNS servers. A tool is needed though to trick those DNS servers into sending huge replies towards victim's IP address. Using innocent DNS servers, run by others, to generate a DDoS attack, even towards your own network infrastructure, could be strictly unlawful in your country.

My advice is to study how DNS replies are structured and to use scapy or any other packet generator to replicate them towards your firewall.

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