I'm just getting started with OpenPGP. I've generated a key, talking to (very few) friends involved with the technology. But I have a concern: I go by my middle name (with all emails, friends, etc.) but the first name also shows up on IDs. I used the 'Middle Last' pattern when I created a key.

Will I have any trouble (at signing parties, etc.) if the name with the key doesn't match the name on official ID? It will have the name on it (just as a middle name).

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There is no ruling what people have to sign or may not, everybody will decide on his own. You might miss some signatures, but I guess most people will not care about which of the first names is included.

Quite a lot people (at least loosely) follow the rules defined by the CAcert Practice on Names document, as CAcert had some well-grounded discussions on names. CAcert's require one, but allow any number of first names to be listed in the certificate.

You will have larger problems when using nicknames, like widely spread in the Netherlands.

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