Android 1.6 source is the earliest I can find that references openssl (i.e., has OPENSSL_VERSION[_TEXT] defined

The script I ran to get these versions was:

$ git clone https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/openssl && cd openssl
$ for ANDROID_TAG in $(git ls-remote --tags| colrm 1 48| grep -v "\^{}"); do git checkout "$ANDROID_TAG"; OPENSSL_V="$(cat openssl.version)"; [[ -z $OPENSSL_V ]] && OPENSSL_V="$(grep OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT include/openssl/opensslv.h)"; echo "[$OPENSSL_V] - [$ANDROID_TAG]" >> openssl.versions; done

However, if you check the tags in that Git repo, there appears to be nothing earlier than 1.6. The Where and how can I find and download Android 1.5 soure code? question on SO has broken links to 1.5 source, and though I was able to find the Java sources, but not the entire platform there I'm unable to look at the version.

So, my questions: What was the first version of Android to use OpenSSL? Was it used since 1.1? If so, what version? If not, what else did they use?


To the best of my knowledge, OpenSSL libs were part of "external" from day one. At least, I remember it in the not-yet-opensource 0.9 tree circa 2008. I am sorry to confess, I don't remember which version of OpenSSL was included there. All I know, it was not upgraded for a long time.

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