Previously I used to scan sites using Nessus web client, but when I tried to login with the same credentials I am able to see a401 (Invalid Credentials) error. I have restarted the service nessusd, still facing the same issue.

It would be helpful if anyone suggests me a solution.

  • This is a question for Nessus support. – schroeder Dec 14 '15 at 15:47

First check you are entering the username which exists(presuming you're using linux)

ls /opt/nessus/var/nessus/users/

if user exists, reset the password and try again with new password.

In the command-line, type:

  • On Windows : C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus\nessus-chpasswd.exe <username>

  • On Linux: sudo /opt/nessus/sbin/nessus-chpasswd <username>

  • On Mac: sudo /Library/Nessus/run/sbin/nessus-chpasswd

Note: Root/Admin Privileges required.


This is no longer accurate. Per tenable.com...

  • On Windows: c:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus\nessuscli.exe chpasswd <username>

  • On Linux: /opt/nessus/sbin/nessuscli chpasswd <username>

  • No instructions are given for Mac, but assuming the same approach: /Library/Nessus/run/sbin/nessuscli chpasswd <username>

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