I've read an article about third-party-cookies which explained that in Google Chrome disabling third-party-cookies will not stop the browser from sending third-party-cookies. So when I visit Facebook every day and get first-party-cookies from them, they can still track me in the internet although I've disabled third-party-cookies.

At first I couldn't believe that, but I have checked the HTTP-headers and the cookies were sent to Facebook. Firefox doesn't send third-party-cookies.

What can I do about it? Is a trackingblocker like Ghostery the only way to protect myself from being tracked?

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I just tested that Chrome option and it seems to work for me. But if it doesn't for you, the next best thing would indeed be using something like Ghostery or EFF's Privacy Badger

In fact, I'd probably suggest using one of these tools anyway. Because rather than blocking ALL third-party cookies (some are useful!), they only block requests to domains that are actually using them to track you.

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