Is it possible for me to customize the way John the Ripper brute forces a .cap file? I, knowing my WiFi password, want to crack it fast as possible (no hit with word list).

Can I customize John to only try with 4 numbers and 5 letters in a 9 character password?

I've searched and read a lot of posts, but nothing seems to match my question. Also, doesn't matter if it's John, Hashcat or any other cracker.


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There's no native way to create a single variable-content mask with John or hashcat. Instead, you can generate a set of all possible masks that fit your criteria. See my answer here.

In your case, the policygen command might look something like the following (assuming lower case):

$ policygen --minlength=9 --maxlength=9 \
  --mindigit=4 --maxdigit 4 --minlower=5 --maxlower 5 \
  --maxupper=0 --maxspecial=0 -o target.masks

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