I see from Godaddy they have multiple certificate chains https://certs.godaddy.com/repository

  • GoDaddy Certificate Chain
  • GoDaddy Certificate Chain - G2
  • GoDaddy Certificate Chain - G3
  • GoDaddy Certificate Chain - G4

What is the purpose of each and what do the G2, G3 and G4 stand for?

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"G" stands for Root certificates generation. Basically, it identifies the generation (version) of a Root certificate that signs the Chain of trust. When CA needs to get a new chain (for example, because of upgrade from SHA-1 to SHA-256), they just increment the generation number. This is good because obsolete certificates can be better identified.

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    I believe you, but your answer would be a lot better if you could provide a citation. Commented Jan 4, 2016 at 5:51

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