Hi I need some good pointer or any recommendation any docs about this below stated scenario. During in my recent pentesting : My ip is 192.168.x.1(kali) By some how I managed to get root shell on some unix system with ip 192.168.x.21. Now when I ifconfig in this 21 system i get eth0 & lo ,eth0 with . After some enumeration I found this subnet 10.1.1.X there is also some systems behind the firewall,not directly connect from public. Now i need to test on this system to. Since my all tools are in kali, i need to connect this other system in that 10.1.1.X . I a unable to do this. Please help me to sort out this problem.

  • What do you mean connect? You need to login to it? Jan 11 '16 at 0:32

You can use Meterpreter for pivoting. There's a good tutorial described in Metasploit Unleashed.

meterpreter > ipconfig

Citrix XenServer PV Ethernet Adapter #2 - Packet Scheduler Miniport
Hardware MAC: d2:d6:70:fa:de:65
IP Address  :
Netmask     :

MS TCP Loopback interface
Hardware MAC: 00:00:00:00:00:00
IP Address  :
Netmask     :

Citrix XenServer PV Ethernet Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport
Hardware MAC: c6:ce:4e:d9:c9:6e
IP Address  :
Netmask     :

meterpreter > run autoroute -h
[*] Usage:   run autoroute [-r] -s subnet -n netmask
[*] Examples:
[*]   run autoroute -s -n  # Add a route to
[*]   run autoroute -s                 # Netmask defaults to
[*]   run autoroute -s              # CIDR notation is also okay
[*]   run autoroute -p                            # Print active routing table
[*]   run autoroute -d -s              # Deletes the route
[*] Use the "route" and "ipconfig" Meterpreter commands to learn about available routes
meterpreter > run autoroute -s
[*] Adding a route to
[+] Added route to via
[*] Use the -p option to list all active routes
meterpreter > run autoroute -p

Active Routing Table

   Subnet             Netmask            Gateway
   ------             -------            -------      Session 1

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