I want to use this product to save me a month of coding. Looking for a product that

  • Password expiration
  • forgot password system
  • lock after x times of wrong password
  • Valid passwords rules (min 8 characters etc..)
  • Edit users and permissions interface
  • HIPAA compliance

I thought about Google sign in but I need it to be HIPAA compliant. I've looked here but it states that only Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive Google Sites, and Google Apps Vault service are HIPAA compliant.


Tried to find whether google fit is hipaa complaint because they use google sign in - they are not :-( -> "Google does not intend uses of Google Fit to create obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as amended (“HIPAA”)" here

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HIPAA compliance is a bit tricky because it relies on the ambiguous 'industry standard.'

In this particular case, I believe that you need an https:// sign-in service. HIPAA compliance is typically satisfied by judicious use of cryptography and other standard security measures.

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