I use OpenVPN to connect to a public VPN. Sometimes I connect from my college campus (it's fully open to alumni) and when this happens I can only use TCP SSL because the college network has a security theater firewall that blocks everything except HTTP, TCP SSL and WhatsApp. My VPN provider only supports Blowfish cipher for TCP SSL connections; if I want to use AES-256, I have to use an UDP connection. Wikipedia's entry on the Blowfish cipher says it can be considered secure and this other question mentions that any cipher more advanced than DES can be considered as "good enough", but the Wikipedia article mentions that there is a class of weak keys that are vulnerable to attacks.

Will I still be functionally secure (as in, it will take an awful lot of resources to eavesdrop my communications) if I use Blowfish instead of AES-256?

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Blowfish is secure enough for TLS/SSL but AES is preferred. Especially 256, because 128 is still considered unbreakable and 256 is even more secure.

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