I used google map api. I read some high protected data on the my HTML page. And write them into InfoWindow on google maps using javascript.

Could google read infowindow html content?

There are no answer for me, or i cant understand :(

  • Map size and location for retrieving map tiles and copyrights
  • Addresses for geocoding
  • Direction and Elevation requests
  • Locations around which to search for Places
  • KML when using KmlLayer

If you include any third party script in your page, the authors could potentially read any data on the page. That applies to Google Maps, any third party library hosts, advertising providers...

If the data is sufficiently high risk to be worried about Google stealing it, don't use any third party scripts.

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  • Thanx Matthew, this just not fair, i have no chance to use another map. if google can read my data, i have to cancel this mini project. – Osman K. Jan 20 '16 at 13:19

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