Please forgive the newbie question, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Following reading this excellent book, I am trying to learn John. I've been through the FAQ and this tutorial, but am stuck.

I have made a SHA256 password hash. It's super simple. The password is 'password' mixed with the salt and hashed just once. I now want to use a tool to crack it.

I've saved it to a file in a format that I think is correct (see screenshot below).

When running the following command, I get 'No password hashes loaded'

What should I do to get this working please?

Command: john -single passw

Attempt at password cracking


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Your hash is base64 coded. You must decode this before use john. You can use the command :

base64 -d <hash>

If you want to be sure of the hash format, you can use :


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