I want to establish trust in a DNSSEC record. I found, that it can be done

$ dig +sigchase +trusted-key=./root.key @ eesti.ee

root.key could be obtained with

$ dig . DNSKEY @ | grep -Ev '^($|;)' > root.keys

however, this would be insecure and suspectible to mitm attacks.

I believe that IANA publishes the root key on https://www.iana.org/dnssec/files (where it is signed with HTTPS, PGP, etc.), but it is in XML format and I failed to use it with dig.

How to convert it from XML to same format as root.keys ?


You can download the Root Zone file on the IANA website (HTTPS). This file contains the root keys you need. You can use grep to get the DNSKEY.

$ curl -s https://www.internic.net/domain/root.zone | grep "^\.\s\+[0-9]\+\s\+IN\s\+DNSKEY" > root.keys

$ dig +sigchase +trusted-key=./root.keys @ eesti.ee

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