Malware hides, so you cannot expect your computer to be malware-free, even when you have antivirus.

My computer works fine, but I am fairly sure that I might have something lurking in there. Rootkits or similar. Not because I did anything wrong, but just because it's a computer connected to the internet.

Are there any numbers on this? Statistics or such?

  • I honestly like this question, but I feel it's off-topic. It's very broad, and there are a lot of different sources for a lot of different things. I also don't think it's answerable because we don't have the entirety of all malware data, and probably never will. – Mark Buffalo Feb 13 '16 at 18:02
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    there is no "average computer" - Windows, Mac, Linux, versions, protections, user activity - there can't possibly be useful statistics – schroeder Feb 13 '16 at 18:36

I don't believe there's an all-inclusive answer to this statistic, but you may be able to get a feel for it if you compile the numbers that anti-viruses release during their annual security bulletins, such as Kaspersky's.

And for bonus points, Kespersky has a pretty neat interactive map which includes statistics, which is really convenient when management walks by, because it at least makes you look busy, and management likes flashy animations and graphs.

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