Has anyone come up with a method to prevent receiving Teslacrypt or a method to decrypt encrypted files?

Is there a way to prevent encryption on network attached storage?

Is email the main avenue that Teslacrypt takes to get to end-users?

Is there a way to stop encryption files from getting through email?

TeslaCrypt is a variant of CryptoWall 1,2, and 3. It is also a varaint of Cryptolocker.

What is the difference between CryptoWall 1 through 3 and Cryptolocker?

This is not just concerning the transferring of data through a network. I am also curious how to stop it spreading through flash storage i.e flash drives and external hard drives.

Some end-users are not aware of social engineering. How can security procedures prevent end-users from getting infected? Is it best to place a list of signs of social engineering for end-users to follow?


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The only prevention is the attention: don't click random links, don't open fake emails. Social engineering is the best attack vector for ransomwares

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