We know that the official website serves the user with a way to test our servers against DROWN attack. Apart from that, I am looking for a manual testing method to check any servers against this vulnerability. I found some methods to test POODLE here. I am looking for something similar.


There are several ways to manually confirm the results:

1- Using nmap:

nmap -sV -sC [IP]

2- Using SSLyze

sslyze --sslv2 [IP]

3- Using Google SSLScan

sslscan --no-failed [IP]

4- Directly with openSSL

openssl s_client -no_tls1 -no_ssl3 -connect [IP]

5- Externally-accessible hosts can be tested with


Make sure you have SSLv2 enabled on your machine. For more information, please see http://www.softwaresecured.com/2016/03/01/how-to-confirm-whether-you-are-vulnerable-to-the-drown-attack/

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