It's known, that if someone manages to install their certificate as a trusted certificate on your Windows computer, they can read all you SSl/TLS traffic with man-in-the-middle attack and you won't notice.

Is there a simple practical way of determining, if you have any of those certificates installed? When you look at your certificate store, there are a lot of certificates there, and most of them are legitimate ones. How can one tell which ones are "ok" and which ones may represent a security risk?

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RCC or Sigcheck will do that for you. RCC checks the Firefox root store too.


You may take a list you find apropriate - for example the CAs Mozilla comes preinstalled with - and check your trust store.

For extra tin foil, remove all and readd them from the list when you encounter a site that is untrusted but should be trusted;)

  • Yeah, thanks. Manually checking one by one is not what I'd call practical. But thank you anyway. Mar 21, 2016 at 21:51
  • Stupid question, but how do you remove them, and re-add them all securely? (Without using a second, trusted, computer.)
    – Yuriko
    Apr 26, 2016 at 6:21

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