With echo text | gpg2 --sign --textmode -a I can create messages with a one pass signature containing a Literal Data packet in TEXT ('t') format.

If I skip the --textmode option it will generate BINARY ('b') mode.

However according to RFC 4880 Sec 5.9 there is also a 'u' mode, which is basically text mode in UTF-8. Is there a way to generate this with GnuPG command line? (--utf8-strings or --display-charset=UTF8 or --charset=UTF8 had no effect when piping in a UTF-8 test file with gpg4win-vanilla-2.3.0 containing gpg2 2.0.29).

  • It looks like not only the textmode, but especially the UTF8 textmode seem to not be used. I will stick with binary content for my usecase (as I am on both sides). – eckes Mar 22 '16 at 19:09

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