Is there an Android security document comparable to Apple's Security Document (PDF)? Does such a comprehensive document not apply because Android is only the OS and Apple makes the hardware and the OS and tightly couples them? Would such a document have to be made or customized per each manufacturer for each model handset of Android device?

NOTE: This document, while technical in nature, is not written by or for programmers. I have found that most Google documentation is by and for programmers. I can read and write code, but I'm not looking for code. This blog post quickly dives into code and is an example of what I am referring to that dives straight into code and APIs.

I have found recent information and technical details, but they are referring to now-old versions of Android, or referring to Android Lollipop when it was still prerelease.


Official documentation on Android security can be found on the AOSP site. However, I would expect a non-programmer to only understand a subset of that documentation.

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