I need to learn about database systems, but first I need to know which is the safest. For example, information like government data need to be protected, so what is the best database to handle this kind of information, I know that there are no complete database systems that are fully protected, but at least I need a system that can't lose information.

And I have another question, what's your thought about Microsoft SQL Server from a security perspective, and how many vulnerabilities does it have compared to other database systems?

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Security of a database system, or any system for that matter, is about more than simply which type you use. Who has access, is remote access possible, can root login remotely, is there a web interface, and if so, is it secure against injection attacks?

There's hundreds of factors. You could try asking a more specific question.

  • Some databases have more user and access management, say SQL Server vs Cassandra. – Simply G. Apr 3 '16 at 11:47

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