I am working on a project to identify the author of the malicious apk. To test my results I need dataset of malicious apks along with their authors. Currently I am working on a dataset which is very small. Could anyone please suggest some resources so that I can have a good amount of malicious apks along with their authors to evaluate my results ?


Another reasonably useful dataset that i've come across is:


The malware genome project manages a huge amount of malware samles that is also categorized. If combined with your data set, you might as well be able to identify authors.

You can request access here.

Other resources for malware samples are

  • Thanks mate!! Do you have any suggestions regarding how to classify an apk according to it's author/developer. The above malware dataset is categorised as per malware families. – Vaibhavi Kalgutkar Apr 25 '16 at 14:20
  • Unfortunately I did not use the malware set myself yet, so I cannot provide immediate help here, sorry. I heard of works that identify malware from the same (group of) authors by some similarity measures between the malware binaries, but those might be purely academic approaches. However, this might be an interesting question on its own, so feel free to post a follow up question to clarify whether such a thing is possible or has been done before. – user3363866 Apr 25 '16 at 14:29

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