I wanted to scan my process with VirusTotal.com and for this I downloaded vtuploader2.2.exe from their website.

Before executing, I uploaded it to VirusTotal.com and scanned it for viruses to make sure this file was clean.

To my surprise it showed it was infected with a virus Trojan.Nsis.Agent.eaudhx. Detailed analysis report is on this page.

Can anyone tell me if this is a false alarm or is it actually a virus? I had never heard of Antivirus NANO-Antivirus.

How can I upload all of the active processes for scanning?


What makes you think that's a virus? Ok, according to VT there is only one detection by NANO-Antivirus. In cases like this one, I like to check file in sandbox to see what's happening.

So based on static and dynamic analyze with cuckoo sandbox, I don't see nothing which indicate to be a malicouse file.

File Name   vtuploader2.2.exe
File Size   142744 bytes
File Type   PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows, Nullsoft Installer self-extracting archive

MD5     43cd42fe47af2256e4414264f49af1a8
SHA1    3ccbbfffd0da76f72dd99ac39afcfdfacd5f16e2
SHA256  0918fa4b22d3e212a13fa449a5a7b5c3ec97759dd87db6d281f387b1570e13c9

Here is fresh report:


Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use.

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Only 1 of 55 scanners detected anything and the report says

Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use

I'd go with trusting the file.

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  • Wanted to be on a safer side – Learning Apr 11 '16 at 11:10

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