I do port scanning with Nmap when HotSpot Shield VPN is running; and I am receiving strange result - when HotSpot Shield is running, Nmap tells me that all of the ports are open and when HotSpot is not running, Nmap gives correct result .

I examine this on my Internet server. And problem occurs. Why?


HotSpot shield may be using an active response to handle as a intrusion detection / prevention and to prevent network abuse. Probably a lot of users may be using their service in order to perform port scans, and HotSpot is protecting itself.

So, it may be their firewall / gateway / ... sending you a response, not the rteal target.

  • Hi , If this is true , then every admin can use such firewall and such firewall's configurations , and forever be safe from Nmappers – Farid Abdi Apr 25 '16 at 11:01

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