A website accepts form input and outputs it to the screen, but replaces every <? to <--? turning them to comments.

Let's say I POST the following:

<?php echo "xy"; /* arbitrary php code */

and I want to get it running. Is there any way to inject something between the < and ? characters that gets skipped during php parsing?

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No. PHP will parse the php file looking for either <?php, <? or <?= (depending on the value of short_tags)

However, outputting <?php to the screen would not execute code. It would need to have been evaluated (eg. saved to a .php file in the server that you then run). This form is probably vulnerable to XSS, though.

  • Yes, I injected other DOM elements and javascript to this page, sad to hear I can't go further. Thanks. Commented May 5, 2016 at 0:29

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