I'm surfing through a public hotspot, I would like to login on my Facebook account with the minimum risk of being intercepted by any cracker connected to the same WiFi. I have both Tor browser and Bitdefender Safepay installed and working and I wonder which one is the best for my purposes.

while connected on a public WiFi, is it safer to use Tor browser or an antivirus Safe zone (Bitdefender Safepay in this case)?


TL;DR: "Tor Browser plus being careful and ready" should be completely equivalent to "Safepay through BitDefender WiFi Premium protection".

In your scenario, both are per se equally secure. The data being sent on the air is encrypted, so connections to HTTPS sites without either Tor or BitDefender, and connections to plain HTTP sites with either of them, are all secure, even if protocol vulnerabilities must be considered (e.g. vulnerable HTTPS on some old web server).

But there is yet another possibility -- that the WiFi access point itself is malicious. In that case it can try and mount a MitM attack and try to take over your "view" of the Tor network, identifying itself as a safe node and running a virtual exit point. This requires significant computing power, but the AP could actually be an Intel Core i7 with a suitable WiFi network card for all you know. Both HTTPS and Tor connections would be vulnerable, even if you should see some sort of Certification Authority warning (unless, of course, the CA is backdoored - this would only be theoretically possible for government-level attackers, though).

In this second scenario, BitDefender would be more reliable (again, unless someone got to BitDefender) because their "WiFi protection" is actually a VPN to BitDefender's servers, and the Safepay browser directly interfaces with them with mutual authentication (this also for billing purposes - WiFi protection isn't free). An attacker might be easily able to impersonate a BitDefender customer to the server, but wouldn't be able to trick Safepay into believing that he possesses a valid BitDefender server certificate unless he does.

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