I have a various devices on my LAN network (Linux, Windows, Android device..), sometimes i allow others to connect to my LAN through , it is not possible to verify the safety of their machines, Let's say i have allowed an in-trusted machine to connect trough my router. How can the infected device harm others machines?

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there are lots of attack vectors, such as :

  • Sniffing admin/user passwords and exploiting systems using them
  • Accessing an anonymous shares and planting malware there(if they're not read-only)
  • Performing MitM attacks to steal data
  • Exploiting IPv6 in LAN : it's often an IPv4 LAN's but people forget to disable IPv6, so it's a prioritized by OS, especially Windows, and sending a router announcement makes you a LAN owner(I performed it myself, it works)
  • Stealing Kerberos tickes

... and too many other ways to mention them all

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