I am trying to understand what is the best way to implement a credit card payment flow into a native iPhone app. From what I see on the market, most of the apps use a WebView to process the payment. I haven't found examples of native implementation of it. What are the drawbacks of a native solution? Is either one of these solutions PCI compliant?

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    Just use a payment processor like PayPal
    – Ramhound
    Mar 2, 2012 at 17:29
  • I can't. I need to offer Visa, Mastercard and all the most important circuits for the payment. Moreover, the website doesn't use paypal and that would be a significant difference in the UX.
    – piede
    Mar 3, 2012 at 8:12

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Using a WebView makes a lot of sense.

  • You have to be connected to the Internet anyhow.
  • Performance is not an issue.
  • There's lots of already written and well tested web-based payment processors.
  • Many people (and you specifically) already have a web-based payment processor in place for non-mobile uses.
  • More secure since as much as possible is on your servers rather than in the client.
  • Apple less likely to demand you use the built-in payment systems (with their cut).

PCI is not really optional, so if someone has a working business based on payment from iPhone via WebView then it's going to be possible to meet PCI.

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